Mixcloud FAQ

Why did you move to Mixcloud?

When we started Tune Me What? there weren’t many suitable platforms for music podcasters, and we tried a few things and some worked better than others, but finally Mixcloud came along and offered all the features we needed, including – most importantly – tracking our playlist and paying royalties to artists in much the same way radio stations do accordingly.

Where is your Mixcloud page?


Can I listen to Mixcloud on my phone of tablet?

Absolutely yes! Mixcloud Apps for iPhone and Android are free.

Can I listen to Mixcloud on my AppleTV?

Yes, there is a free Apple TV App.

How do I subscribe to the show?

You can sign up for a free Mixcloud account – and get access not only to ours, but thousands of great podcasts, or you can manage it via your mobile app.

Can I listen online?

Yes, you can listen via our website – right here at tunemewhat.com – via the embedded player.

Can I download the show to keep?

Unfortunately not. Our shows are streamed only, but we have every series archived so you can listen to them whenever you like. We encourage our listeners to buy the music by the artists they discover on our show to listen offline.

For everything else about Mixcloud, visit their support section.