Jolling with the Class of 84

The 80’s was a wild time to be a teenager in Johannesburg. Fast cars, crazy clubs and the sound of those brilliant bands, with big hair and an F-you attitude. The jol is on … we’ll check you at the Doll’s House bru!

In this episode we feature the music of :
  • eVoid
  • Petit Cheval
  • Robin Auld
  • Bright Blue – can you feel it
  • Celtic Rumors
  • Ella Mental 
  • Psycho Reptiles
  • Falling Mirror
  • Hotline
  • Dog Detachment
  • Via Afrika
These are the links to the artists covered in our Gigs, Gossip and Grooves section:

A special shout out to the okes and stokkies on the jol in Joeys back in the early 80’s – the Main Manne What Counts!

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