On the Road in the 90s

Episode 24

In this episode, Brett bends Leon’s ear about some the bands whose paths he crossed in the late 90s while on the road with One Large Banana. Touring with a band was not only an opportunity to play your music but also to watch some great musicians at shows and festivals on the circuit around South Africa.

In this episode we feature:

  • Amersham
  • The Springbok Nude Girls
  • Squeal
  • One Large Banana
  • Valiant Swart
  • Sons of Trout
  • Dorp
  • Famous Curtain Trick
  • The Blues Broers
  • Wonderboom
  • The Honeymoon Suites

Here are the links to some of the stories we covered in Gigs, Gossip & Grooves:

Bertram Street
The upstairs room in Bertram Street, Grahamstown, the digs where both Just Encasement and One Large Banana were based. OLB rehearsed here amid the laundry of non-musical digs-mates. These 5-star accommodations were sometimes offered to other bands passing through town.

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