Today’s episode tells the partial story of the heroic Voelvry Tour undertaken by Shifty Records artists Johannes Kerkorrel, Bernoldus Niemand, and Andre LeToit, that band of ‘alternative Afrikaners who challenged the status quo and the establishment in apartheid-era South Africa in the late 1980s.

There’s a wonderful book and a movie about it. The book – by Pat Hopkins – is, by  wonderfully informative and the DVD is incredibly moving, especially the parts where Koos Kombuis talks about his late friends and comrades, James Phillips and Johannes Kerkorrel.

But this episode of Tune Me What aims to be a quick introduction to some of the great music and artists involved.

In this episode we feature:

  • Johannes Kerkorrel & The Gereformeerde Blues Band
  • Andre LeToit (Koos Kombuis)
  • Bernoldus Niemand (James Phillips)
  • The Kerels
  • Koos
  • The Genuines

This episode is part of our “Shifty September” series celebrating 30 years of Shifty Records.

Don’t forget – as mentioned in the show – Shifty are giving away a free download of a Johannes Kerkorrel concert via Soundcloud. You can grab it here. And if you’re in Johannesburg this month, there is still time to book for the Shifty Heritage Concert and see some of these legends playing in the flesh.

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