S03E12 – Load Shedding Show


S3E12 – The Load Shedding Show by Tune Me What? on Mixcloud

Non South Africans will be confused by the use of this mysterious phrase “load shedding”. It is in fact a euphemism employed by the country’s electricity giant (though the ‘giant’ may turn out to be merely someone of less than average height standing on a box) for its ongoing series of rolling power cuts. We think they figure if they call it something uniquely South African, South Africans will grow used to it – and, maybe even proud of it. After all, “Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Eskom shedding the load…” sounds vaguely positive!

But there is no escaping the reality that in cities and town around the country, the electricity goes off for hours at a time when you least expect it – the Eskom-published “schedules” merely adding insult to injury (of which there are many as people try to get on with life in the dark).

So… we at Tune Me What? – sitting pretty in London and San Diego respectively, where governments would fall if the lights went out for more than 10 minutes every decade – have done a solidarity and sympathy show of some great UNPLUGGED South African music. So, candles lit, coals fired up, batteries to hand… here’s 60 minutes of electricity-free music!

We feature tunes by:

  • Amampondo
  • Chris Letcher
  • Fokofpoliesiekar
  • Jennifer Ferguson
  • Johannes Kerkorrel & Die Gereformeerde Blues Band
  • Larry Strelitz
  • Michael Flek
  • Mouers Family
  • Springbok Nude Girls
  • Syd Kitchen
  • Tony Cox
  • Vusi Mahlesela & Louis Mhlanga
  • Woodstock Mafia

We really appreciate your feedback. We’re always open to suggestions and even requests! If you’re a South African musician living or touring internationally, do let us know about your concerts, album releases or tours – we’d love to give you a punt on the show.

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