S05E22 – The Iced Zoo Biscuit Hour

This week Leon & Brett tuck into a packet of Iced Zoo biscuits (or ‘cookies’ to our American friends) and play some great South African music suggested by the animals on this quintessential South African confectionary. Of course, they can’t resist injecting some interesting wildlife trivia into their (usual barely-sane) banter and commentary. Join them for an hour of South African music and chit-chat – including topical debates of the day like “how to best eat an Iced Zoo” and “what’s really in a bunny chow?”.

In this show we feature:

  • Dear Reader
  • Amerhsam
  • Ethel My Love
  • The Blues Broers
  • Des & Dawn Lindberg
  • Bill Knight
  • Springbok Nude Girls
  • Rabbitt
  • Qadasi
  • Bye Beneco
  • Darius Brubeck Quartet

Here’s that old Occam’s Razor clip we promised:

Oh, and if icing-animals don’t do it for you, for some very good depictions of South African wildlife, check out artist Bowen Boshier’s magnificent work.

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