S06E22 – The Zol Brothers Show

They say that making good policy requires compromise – a bit of ‘kief and toke’ as they say. In this spirit, the South African Constitutional Court has not quite fully legalised dagga, but they have ruled that it should no longer be considered it a crime to grow for personal use or smoke marijuana at home and in private. The Court has given lawmakers a timetable to weed out the law to comply. Of course, Leon and Brett could not help passing the roach and putting together another high-brow episode of Tune Me What? to mark the occasion. So tune in, drop out, but don’t leave any burn marks on our furniture. #browns

In this episode we roll up:

  • Satanic Dagga Orgy
  • Bernoldus Nieman
  • Oom Hansie
  • TranSky
  • Jim Neversink
  • Tony Cox
  • Johannes Kerkorrel
  • Nick Taylor
  • Van Der Want / Letcher
  • Farmer Brian & DJ Dope

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