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S02E20 – Durban’s Wild Youth


In this special extended episode, we are joined by Michael Flek, frontman of the legendary Durban punk band, Wild Youth. Michael brought in his private collection of music and in between some classics, we are privileged to hear some rare demos and rehearsal recordings.

We chat about his past at the centre of the South African punk scene in the late 1970s and hear about some exciting re-releases on his record label Retrobution Records which has some fantastic rerecorded and remastered material from the time on offer. Afficionados should waste no time and visit their store for some very limited reissues.

Michael is back on the music scene having started a new band in London in the UK called Mig21. Check out some footage from their debut performance below:

In this episode we feature the music of:

  • Amampondo
  • The Asylaum Kids
  • Dead Babies
  • The Flames
  • Gay Marines
  • The Gents
  • Leopard
  • The Mystery Girls
  • Peach
  • Powerage
  • Riot Squad SA
  • Rotors
  • The System’s Crying
  • Via Africa
  • Wild Youth

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