Brett Lock & Leon Lazarus

About TMW

Tune Me What? is podcast and blog by Brett Lock and Leon Lazarus that highlights South African music and artists at home and around the world.

Through our podcast and blog we dig into the history of South African music, unearth hidden gems and keep you up to date on tours and events.

  • Guenther Fleischer

    Hi guys I thought it should have been TMW and not TNW.. maybe I missed the point… great show ..

    • TuneMeWhat

      Quite right! Thanks for spotting the typo. It’s been fixed.

  • Cormac Wilcox

    So it is only season 3 and I have finally found your podcast. Living in Ireland for 13 yrs I am loving the walks down memory lane as well as hearing some good stuff I had never heard of.
    The show It’s a Free Country was just awesome and that version of Bright Blue’s Weeping brought some serious nostagic tears to my eyes as I drove home – I had to play it immediately for my wife when I got home.
    I just hope that now I have found you guys you will keep going for many years to come. Donate here I come.

    • TuneMeWhat

      Thanks, Cormac. Glad you found the show!