Submit Your Music

Unsigned and Independent Artists

We at Tune Me What? like to share new discoveries with our audience. We’ve had an occasional feature called “Tune me something new, man” in which we’ve introduced new artists, but we we want this to be a permanent feature.

From Season 5, we will be making this a regular feature. If you are an unsigned or independent South African artist (at home or abroad), we invite you to submit a track for consideration by the TMW team. If we really like your track, we’ll share it on our Soundcloud page  and Facebook, and if we absolutely love it, we will feature it on the show.

To submit, please send a link to where we can stream or download to the song, preferably on Soundcloud. Please DO NOT email us MP3s or similar attachments. We will contact you to supply an audio file if your track is chosen for airplay.

Send the link to submisson at

Include in your email a short description of yourself or your band as well as your web and social links.

PLEASE NOTE: We only play South African artists.  We will play artists who are not SA citizens if they are based in South Africa,  and we will play South African artists who are now based overseas, but if you have no connection to South Africa, please do not submit music to us.

Signed and Established Artists

If you are an established artist on a major label, we’d still like to hear from you. We try to keep tabs on new releases, but things do sometimes get by us. Please send us a link to your new release and press kit to yesno at If you’d prefer to send us a physical item, give us a shout and we’ll send you our postal address.