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  • Massaganda

    Hi, a friend told me about your site and I’ve really been enjoying listening!

    Ex SA, I live in Oz….my passion is music from all around Africa and I do a weekly radio program on the local station at

    Sunday evenings AEST 8pm to 10pm.

    • Leon Lazarus

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delayed reply. We missed this one 🙂 We will be listening. All the best with show!!!

  • Suzanne Price

    does anyone here listen to richard nwemba, safm, saturdays


    • Leon Lazarus

      No one at TMW does Suzanne. We are thousands of miles outside the broadcast area 🙂 You should consider posting on our Facebook page. I am sure one of the fans there will be able to help you.

  • Marc

    Just finished binge listening to all your episodes. What an absolute treat! Great to have a little bit of home here in London. Thanks very much Brett & Leon. Keep oit up!

    • Leon Lazarus

      Hey Marc, how are you enjoying the new season? Any suggestions or requests?

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Hi Guys – recently started listening – most enjoyable – would like to suggest a liedtjie or two from Gert Vlok Nel may be @ some stage in the future. Keep up the good work!

    • TuneMeWhat

      Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. As luck would have it, we got hold of of GVN CD last week, so expect a tune on on upcoming show…

      • Andrew McKenzie

        Brilliant – look forward to it’s inclusion – keep up the banter . . .cheers

  • Matthew Temple

    Keep it running! All the best from SA jazz from the golden age of vinyl

  • Michael Westwood

    Hey Guys, I was introduced to you recently listening to an interview with Cito Otto, and It was so cool to hear, and particularly hear the talk about my late brother Garth McLeod. I haven’t listened to anything else yet, but I look forward it hugely. I’d like to get involved with you guys and help if there’s any way I can.
    BTW, Sugardrive has a bandcamp page

    • Tune “Tune Me What?” Mewhat

      Hi Michael. I remember you from the Wings days when Sugardrive was just starting out. We’ve added Sugardrive to our Bandcamp link list. Give us a shout on Brett

  • Elijah Does-This