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Second Season Sunset Show


Well, it’s the last show of the season, so Leon & Brett indulge themselves with whatever catches their fancy, including some tunes from some old friends and – as a special event – Brett gives a sneak-peak of his new album with current band The Sighs of Monsters who have remade a song first performed by the, er, ‘legendary’ Leather Omnibus.

In all it’s a bitter-sweet show as we say goodbye until next season… well, almost goodbye because Tune Me What? will be back for a bumper New Year’s Party special in late-December! Keep an eye out for details!

In this episode, we feature the music of:

  • Anton Goosen
  • Black Coffee
  • Jo Edwards
  • JoBurg City Stars
  • Johnny Clegg and Savuka
  • Mahlatini and The Mahotella Queens
  • N. D. Hotshots
  • One Large Banana
  • The Sighs of Monsters
  • Slo Foot King Brothers
  • Springbok Nude Girls
  • Zinkplaat

Brett’s band – The Sighs of Monsters – which featured in this how, released their first single the day after this show came out. Here it is:

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