National Wake-up

Episode 21

In this extend 90 minute episode our special guest is Ivan Kadey who talks about his band National Wake, and the re-release of their fully remastered catalogue. It is a rare look at a South African music scene you never knew existed and the music of this unique and groundbreaking band will blow you away. Fans can buy the album Walk In Africa 1979-1981 next week on vinyl, CD and online and in-store. Whatever your preference … this is a must have!

Featured in the show is a new demo of Ivan’s song Orange, White and Blue which was written at the beginning of The Wake. -“Its the song that gave me the courage to start it all as it manifested totally the music I was dreaming of making lyrically with a ironic rock element,” he says.

Together with a pic of National Wake songs from the new anthology, we also play some other records picked by Ivan, including:

  • Allen Kwella
  • The Cherry Faced Lurchers
  • Sankomoto
  • The Flaming Souls

Because of the extra-long format this week, there will be no Gigs, Gossip & Grooves, but Evan will be back next week to keep us up-to-date about SA musicians strutting their stuff around the globe.

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