On Board the Peace Train

Episode 25

We have a very special guest in today’s show – Sharon Katz of The Peace Train! Sharon and her musician friends took a train around South Africa in 1993 ahead of the first democratic elections to educate voters and build community.  Now based in the US, she still tours with the Peace Train spreading the same healing message.

She joins us in our virtual studio for a chat and plays some of her favourite CDs and shares some of The Peace Train’s own music.

In this episode we feature the music of:

  • Sharon Katz and The Peace Train
  • Miriam Makeba
  • Brenda Fassie
  • Busi Mhlongo
  • Dolly Rathebe
  • Abdulla Ibrahim

And of course there’s more news in Gigs, Gossip & Grooves, including:

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