The Discovered Country

Episode 29

In this, the penultimate episode of Tune Me What? for the year – Leon & Brett play some tracks from the artists, old and new, that they have discovered while doing the show. It goes to show that not only is the South African music scene an untapped reserve of amazing music, but it’s a renewable resource with an astonishing variety.

In this episode, we feature the music of:

  • Rozanne Gewaar
  • The Soul Brothers
  • Jack Parow
  • National Wake
  • Third Ear Experience
  • Freshlyground
  • Simphiwe Dana
  • Nakhane Toure
  • Die Radio Kalahari Orkes
  • Nico Carstens

And of course there’s more news in Gigs, Gossip & Grooves, including:

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  • José Silva

    My path crossed with Nico Carstens, when I was still a little kid, when my dad was putting in
    some extra hours at a late night snack bar.

    Say hi for me to my design studio master Ivan Kadey, when you have him over for that interview.

    How about playing some Via Afrika or Petit Cheval.

    Keep up the great podcasts.

    • Leon Lazarus

      Thanks José. We will definitely play more Via Afrika and Petit Cheval. We have already interviewed Ivan and you can find Episode 21 on this website. We will pass along your shout out to him. What was your impression of Nico Carstens?