S04E14 – With Lyrics by Ingrid Jonker…


Tune Me What? takes a look at an incredible album featuring 36 different South African artists who have turned the poems of the late Ingrid Jonker into songs. We play a few selections from the album in-between our usual banter and even manage to slip in some facts and information. So, after the show, keep an eye out for “Die Kind Is Nog Jonger”, a double-CD introducing one of South Africa’s most famous poets to a new generation.

In this episode we feature:

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Stefan Strydom and Gert Vlok Nel
  • Robbi Robb and Amritakripa
  • Falling Mirror
  • Ivan Kadey
  • The CapTn feat Julie Hartley
  • The McClones
  • Terminatryx
  • Inge Beckmann
  • The Sighs of Monsters
  • Radio Rats
  • Kalahari Surfers
  • Michael Flek

If you enjoyed this taste of the album, why not buy it online from CD Baby or iTunes, or find it on CD in-store (in South Africa).

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