S06E17 – Poetry In Motion

In today’s show Leon and Brett talk about South African poems and poets that have have contributed to some great music. From poets who have decided to turn their poems into music, to songwriters and composers who have turned to the words of some of the country’s greatest poets for lyrical inspiration, we investigate this fruitful cross-pollination of art forms, and as usual, bring you some of the best in South African music.

In today’s show, we feature poets and musicians, including:

  • The Sighs of Monsters
  • Ingrid Jonker
  • Chris Chameleon
  • Eugene Marais
  • Laurinda Hofmeyr
  • Lesego Rampolokeng
  • The Kalahari Surfers
  • Larry Strelitz
  • Robert Berold
  • David Chislett
  • Shannon Hope
  • Matthew van der Want
  • Gert Vlok Nel
  • Paul Mealor
  • Breyton Breytenbach
  • Guy Buttery

Check out the English translation of Gert Vlok Nel’s poemBeautiful in Beaufort Wes” and also David Chislett’s poetry project.

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