S06E23 – The Roaring 40s

In this special extended episode, Leon and Brett dig deep into the archives to see what they can dredge up from one of the most neglected decades: the 1940s. For half the decade, the world was at war, and the Gallo record company only established itself at the end of the decade, but still music was everywhere – whether in service of emerging cultures or just to help people forget the troubles of the world in turmoil. Not much music survives because not much was recorded, we hope we’ve found enough to make an interesting and enjoyable 90-minute show!

This episode features:

  • The Manhattan Brothers
  • Sophtown Cool Seven
  • Abafana Flute Jive
  • The Mississippi Brothers
  • The V Dolls
  • The Mighty Queens
  • Kid Ma Wrong Wrong
  • Alfred Dlezi & Dlamini
  • Cornelius Hendrik Susan (feat. Jan Swart)
  • Freddie Fischer
  • David De Lange
  • Josef Marais
  • The Dundee Wandering Singers (AKA Zulu Champions),
  • Herman Magwaza & Caleb Chamane
  • Gumede’s Concertina Band

Be sure to check out both ILAM (the International Library of African Music), who have archived much of Hugh Tracey’s recordings, and the Soul Safari blog, which is a wealth of information.

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