S07E03 – On the line with Tony Cox

It’s the Tarantino of Tune Me Whats! A bumper episode – the longest ever – in the company of Mr Tony Cox, the guitar maestro and all-round raconteur. Leon and Brett chat to Tony about everyone from guitars, to banking algorithms, to how to do your nails! And of course music! And Tony brings along his personal selection of tunes for the show, including a rare track from his personal archives. So join us for some great South African music and kak-praat.

In this episode we feature

  • Tony Cox
  • Steve Newman
  • Syd Kitchen and Madala Kunene
  • High Masekela
  • Abdullah Ibrahim & Basil Coetzee
  • Errol Dyers
  • Phillip Tabane
  • David Hewett
  • Bright Blue
  • Derek Gripper
  • Jannie Hofmeyr
  • Edie Niederlander

Check out Tony Cox’s website here, and his Bandcamp page here, where you can buy his entire back catalogue for only $82.

If you want lessons from the maestro himself, even via Skype, find out more here.

And here is a video of Tony playing the famous Mervyn Davis guitar:

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