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S05E27 – Amber Liadan Live @ Tune Me What?

In another of our Live@TuneMeWhat sessions we’re treated to a half-hour of acoustic music by the charming Amber Liadan – recorded live in our studio. Amber has quite a musical pedigree being the daughter of former Ella Mentals Heather Mac and Tim Parr, but make no mistake, she has forged her own musical path as a fiercely independent artist. Amber chats to us about her musical influences, favourite South African musicians and gives us a preview of her stunning new album, ‘Warrior’ in this special double-length episode.

In this episode, we feature:

  • Amber Liadan
  • Miriam Makeba
  • Tim Parr
  • Heather Mac
  • Benguela
  • The Time Flies
  • Alice Phoebe Lou
  • Phil Moffett
  • Native Young
  • Freshlyground

And introducing, Baushes in our Tune Me Something New’ slot.

For more information about our special guest Amber Liadan, check out her Facebook Page where you can also find details on how to order her new album Warrior. Also check out her videos on Youtube.

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