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S04E20 – Alone they were great, but when they made music together jaws dropped!


In this episode we celebrate the coming together of great musicians and singers. When brilliant solo artists join together as collaborators some great music can come out of the partnership. Sometimes it is a one-off event, and sometime the partnership endures or is periodically reconvened. Whatever the case, there are a lot of fantastic records to enjoy in this week’s show when Party A of the first part joins Party B of the second part in contracts and on stage!

In this episode we feature:

  • Penelope and Jabba Project
  • Robb & Pott
  • Syd Kitchen and Madala Kunene
  • Darius Brubeck & Deepak Ram
  • Vusi Mahlasela & Louis Mhlanga
  • Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart
  • Valiant Swart en Ollie Viljoen
  • Van Der Want – Letcher
  • Gito Baloi & Nibs van der Spuy
  • Steve Newman & Tony Cox
  • Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani

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