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S05E14 – The Comic Show

When Leon and Brett were growing up, there were no South African superheroes and they looked to American characters, like Superman, Spiderman and, er, Archie, to capture their imaginations. Today, ‘Gold City’ has its own local superheroes like Kwezi, who reflect South African culture. In today’s show, we chat about comics and play some cracking tunes inspired by Superheroes or give us something to talk about as we nerd out in another episode of Tune Me What?!

In todays show we feature

  • Radio Rats
  • Sons of Trout
  • Springbok Nude Girls
  • The Bats
  • Lancaster Band
  • Q Zoo
  • Matthew vd Want
  • King Ink
  • Crimson House
  • Steve Newman & Tony Cox
  • Louis Mhlanga
  • Scabie Annie

Check out the first edition of Kwezi for free online here.

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