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S05E17 – Tim Hopwood Live @ Tune Me What?

Brett meets the man some call ‘The Leonard Cohen of the Karoo’ – veteran photojournalist-turned-musician Tim Hopwood. Tim has just released his moody debut album – Songs of Love and Death – after singing his song on the Eastern Cape fold circuit for many years, but we twist his arm and get him to sing some of is “funny songs” in an exclusive Live @ Tune Me What performance. Tim has also brought his box of records – including some rare gems – and he and Brett dip in to his collection and  chat about his favourite South African music in this 100 minute special extended episode.

Check out Tim Hopwood’s website which features some rare photos of the Voelvry tour.

In this episode we feature:

  • Tim Hopwood
  • David Kramer
  • Anton Calitz
  • Dave Goldblum
  • Vusi Mahlasela
  • Strange Little Man
  • Van der Want / Letcher
  • Bernoldus Niemand
  • Koos Kombuis
  • Megan du Toit
  • Fetish
  • Juluka 

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