S02E18 – The Golden Episode


Hooray! We’ve reached 50 episodes of Tune Me What? – it’s the Golden Episode!

When we started out on our mission to bring South African music to a wider audience in May last year we thought it would be fun reliving our old university radio show days and yakking about the music we both love. Obviously we hoped other people would feel the same and would get a kick out if it.

But it surpassed our expectations.

We have made new friends and even reconnected with some old ones through this show. We’ve expanded our own musical horizon by discovering so much more South African music than we imagined was out there, particularly by new and emerging artists but also by mining the rich legacy of music our home country has produced over the decades. Fifty shows! That’s more than two days of continual listening to some really awesome and undervalued music. We’re so pleased that you’ve joined us for some part of the journey.

Of course, all the episodes are archived here, so you can always dip back in. Most importantly, stick around for more adventures in South African sound – and tell your friends to join us. The ride continues.

In this show, we feature:

  • Amampondo
  • Bertha Egnos
  • Binary
  • Boerekwela
  • Golden Swallows
  • Goldfish
  • Hugh Masekela
  • John Kongos
  • Kalahari Surfers
  • The Kerels
  • Koos Kombuis & Valiant Swart
  • Locnville (feat Matthew Gold)
  • Robin Auld

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